Heat Pumps should be considered an asset as they add value to your home, however they're not a cheap item, so choosing the right Heat Pump and installer is an important job. The price of a new Heat Pump involves a number of factors, such as the size/model of unit, and the amount of labour required. 

The cheapest option is a back to back install, however this option isn't always available, depending on the layout of your home.

It's critical that when you're approaching various businesses for quotes on Heat Pumps, you understand the different brands they're offering


With technological developments by Heat Pump manufacturers over the years, Heat Pumps are becoming increasingly intelligent and hense energy efficient for both heating and cooling. In fact, they are New Zealand's most energy efficient and cost effective solution for heating and cooling your home, and the new units only continue to become more economical each year.

The running costs of your Heat Pump is determined by several factors such as the model of Heat Pump you have and the area you are heating. Htek Nelson take in to consideration all the variables to provide you with a very effective solution, keeping you comfortable year round, while keeping your power costs down. 



Caring for your Heat Pump is more important than most realise. If it isn’t cared for properly, it can lead to decreased performance, lower energy efficiency, poorer air quality and a shorter life-span. Cleaning your Heat Pump filters only takes a few minutes and should be done every 2-4 weeks during use.

To clean your filters, open the front cover of your Heat Pump and slide the filters out. You can then either use a vacuum cleaner or soapy water and a brush to remove all the dust. Dry and replace the filters and secure the front cover.


Here's a video from Energywise explaining how to clean your heat pump filters:















Sometimes it takes a little more than just cleaning your filters to keep your Heat Pump healthy, it could require a professional service - a much more comprehensive clean. We recommend you have your Heat Pump professionally serviced once annually to ensure best performance and energy consumption. 

If we installed your Heat Pump, we provide the first year service at the discounted rate of $80, otherwise for most jobs we charge $100.



To achieve smarter heating & cooling, many of the new Heat Pumps are able to be controlled by your Smartphone, from anywhere, anytime. All it takes is the addition of a WiFi adapter in your Heat Pump.

You could be at work just before leaving, turn your Heat Pump on through your iPhone or Android phone, and arrive to a nice and toasty home.

Here's a wee intro below:



If you'd like to learn more about controlling your heat pump from your smartphone, follow these links: